Amtrak has announced that it is taking the lead on the next phase of renovations at the Lancaster train station, Pennsylvania.

The Capstone project will address the much anticipated rehabilitation of the passenger areas, including interior work to the waiting room, concourse, restrooms and hallways, and exterior work to stairways and platforms.

“Amtrak, PennDOT, Lancaster County Planning Commission and Lancaster County Transportation Authority are dedicated to seeing that the necessary improvements to the station – interior and exterior- are made for the benefit of our passengers and the community as a whole,” said Amtrak Sr. Director of Major Project Partnerships Marilyn Jamison.

“PennDOT recognises the value of the Lancaster train station to the community and to the Keystone Service as a whole,” said Deputy Secretary for Local and Area Transportation Toby Fauver.

“We’re pleased to partner with Amtrak, Lancaster County and the local government and business community in bringing the station to its full potential, improving amenities for passengers on this successful train service.

“The Lancaster County Transportation Authority supports Amtrak taking the lead on the Capstone Project and appreciates their commitment to their customers and our community in making the Lancaster Station the gem of the Keystone Corridor,” said Chairman of the Lancaster County Transportation Authority Terry L. Kauffman.

Amtrak intends to release detailed information including project scope and timeline in mid-January as the first phase of the station renovation nears completion.

An important goal is to seamlessly move forward from one phase to the next and to start Capstone construction work as soon as possible without losing substantial time.

Amtrak engineering forces, utilising data gathered from the Capstone report commissioned by PennDOT, have identified a three-phased approach to completing the station renovation and rehabilitation project.

The three phases are short term work that can be completed by Amtrak forces, long term work that will require a standard design-bid-build project delivery method and work to be completed under the Amtrak Accessible Stations Development Program.

The Capstone project builds upon the major station infrastructure improvements completed during the first phase of the project.

The Lancaster train station serves Amtrak’s Keystone Service (Harrisburg – Philadelphia – New York) and Pennsylvanian (Pittsburgh – Harrisburg – Philadelphia – New York).

For fiscal year 2011, 539,338 passengers arrived or departed from the station making it the 3rd busiest Amtrak station in Pennsylvania and the 22nd busiest station in the Amtrak national network.