KDS, an international provider of travel and expense management solutions, has announced a new partnership with SilverRail Technologies to provide multi-country rail tickets to its corporate customers across the globe.

Through the SilverRail relationship, KDS will be extending its global rail coverage into new markets including Renfe (Spain), Amtrak (United States) and Via Rail (Canada).

In addition to adding these new markets, KDS will also provide improved functionality to their corporate customers for Belgian and Dutch rail.

KDS will continue to expand the rail markets offered through their online booking tool as SilverRail expands its global rail footprint later this year.

With increased pressure on travel budgets and awareness of the environmental impacts of travel, rail has continued to move up the agenda for corporate travelers and travel managers alike.

By removing the complexity of selling rail, SilverRail will be enabling KDS to continue to provide their customers with the content and services they desire in a consistent look and feel regardless of which rail carrier they are booking.

KDS, which already provides rail content in ten European countries, was attracted to SilverRail for the ability to source five different rail suppliers through a single technology connection, eliminating the need for repeated development and additional resources.

“We are very excited to be working with KDS on this partnership, helping them expand their business while also reducing costs,” said Cameron Jones, VP Commercial of SilverRail Technologies.