The Austrian arm of Rhomberg Rail is sending a team led by the company’s International and Development Manager, Stefan Knittel, to New York to work on the extension of one of the world’s oldest underground railways.

Work will start in June 2012 on the NY Subway’s IRT Flushing Line (No. 7) from Times Square to 34th Avenue.

The contract won by Rhomberg Rail is worth around €500,000.

Under contract to track constructor Railworks Transit and in conjunction with US-American partner Construction Polymers, Rhomberg Rail has developed a mobile self-propelled rail-bound concrete finishing machine and will be using its patented lift and position system for this major project.

The special concrete finishing machine is designed to deposit the exact quantity of concrete using the top-down construction method to achieve optimum density with the minimum of air voids.

“The latest generation of our lift and position system guarantees perfect precision when setting up the track,” says Stefan Knittel.