VIA Rail Canada and the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) have announced that AMT commuter train tickets will now be sold by VIA Rail, thus enabling customers to purchase VIA – AMT tickets through a single transaction.

The aim of this agreement is to promote public transportation, as well as the benefits of intermodality.

VIA Rail and the AMT are working together to ‘make travel planning easier for their users’.

“By establishing partnerships with other carriers to promote ecologically sound transportation and offer greater efficiency and ease of use to its users, VIA Rail is committed to updating train travel as a mode of transportation. I am pleased to announce today this agreement with our partner, the AMT, who obviously share this vision,” said Marc Laliberté, President and CEO of VIA Rail Canada.

“Through its constant search for innovation aimed at providing the best possible service to its customers, the AMT is working to make public transportation attractive by developing new ticket collection systems. This partnership with VIA Rail enables us to offer even more flexibility and convenience and is in line with our desire to develop an integrated, simplified and accessible pricing strategy,” said Paul Côté, the acting President and CEO of the AMT.

This service applies to the AMT’s Deux-Montagnes and Mont-Saint-Hilaire commuter train lines.