MTA recently held its 25th annual auditions for its Music Under New York program at Grand Central.

About 70 soloists and musical groups sought a spot in the program, which presents musical performances throughout the transit system.

The musicians were allowed five minutes to perform in front of a panel of judges consisting of musicians, music and performing arts professionals, MTA representatives and others. The acts were judged on the criteria of quality, variety, and appropriateness for the mass transit environment.

Open to the public, the auditions showcased a diverse array of performances. This year, vocalists sang a range of styles such as pop, R&B, jazz, gospel and more. Musicians played a variety of instruments, including classical piano, violin, accordion, ukulele, balafon, vibraphone, steel drums and harp.

Those seeking a spot in the program included a range of ensembles such as an all-female mariachi band, a woodwinds quintet, a brass quartet, Latin gypsy fusion group, bluegrass trio and others.

Music Under New York is a program of MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design. It received more than 200 applications from acts seeking to perform at the auditions.

Based on the panelists’ evaluations, approximately 20 new performers are expected to be added to the MUNY roster as a result of the auditions.