Days after announcing a similar infrastructure programme for Utah, the Union Pacific Railroad has revealed it is set to spend $41 million on improvement works in Wyoming.

Of the total investment, $38 million will be spent on maintaining rail track and $2.8 million on bridge maintenance.

Key projects include the expenditure of $10 million on the railway between Niobrara and eastern Goshen, replacing 68,579 concrete rail ties and installing 21,967 tonnes of rock ballast, as well as $7 million to be spent on the line between Wamsutter and Rock Springs, replacing 58,382 rail ties and installing 39,375 tonnes of rock ballast in the process.

The money is being invested to boost safety and increase efficiency.

From 2012 to 2016, Union Pacific invested more than $243 million to strengthen Wyoming’s transportation infrastructure.

Earlier in the week Union Pacific had announced plans to spend $48.1 million on its Utah rail infrastructure.